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Kalene Collard – MS ATC , PES

Kalene Collard, a Riverton, Utah native, graduated from Weber State University in 2002 with a bachelors degree in Athletic Training and a minor in Health Promotions. She began working for Sundance Physical Therapy soon after. From 2003-2008, she also worked as an assistant Athletic Trainer at Weber State University with women’s soccer, and tennis. Kalene concurrently earned a masters degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion with an emphasis in Injury Prevention and Human Performance. Kalene is also a certified Performance Enhancement Specialist, a certification she earned through NASM. She completed her certification as well as her masters degree in 2005. Kalene co-taught a course on the Kinesiology Tape theory and technique. She has also co-developed a pregnancy exercise app available on iTunes called Sculpt My Pregnancy.