Sundance PT is Utah’s only Z-Coil® footwear supplier. And what is the genisis behind Z-Coils? Each patented, shock –absorbing designed Z-Coil is engineered specifically to relieve foot, leg, and back pain. The result? Z-Coils greatly reduce impact to the body and distribute pressure more evenly across the foot than conventional shoes. Less impact means less pain.

The signature coil reduces the impact on your ankles, knees, hips, and low back by 50% and releases that energy forward delivering 40-50% of the kinetic energy back to you, increasing the amount of energy you feel at the end of the day.

Z-Coil® footwear has a built in orthotic that covers the entire mid-foot to distribute pressure evenly throughout the foot eliminating pressure areas. Many people also report an improvement in their posture when wearing the Z-Coils®.

Unlike most footwear on the market, Z-Coil® shoes are adjustable. Once we examine the shape of your foot and the way you walk, we can make a variety of footwear adjustments to provide the maximum support and comfort possible, all while you wait.

We can adjust for flat feet, high arches, wide arches, bunions and corns, hammertoes, heel spurs, neuromas, and many other conditions that can be responsible for foot pain. We can also balance the shoes if you tend to pronate (feet roll in) or supinate (feet roll out).

If you are experiencing joint pain, you may have developed a pattern of walking that is putting too much pressure on the affected joint. In many cases, we can make adjustments to the footwear to relieve pressure on the joint.

Please call to set up an appointment to see and feel the difference a Z-Coil® shoe can make for you.

Come in to see our inventory, including sales and clearance, and see all the styles available. More information is available at www.biotrekfootwear.com  / www.zcoil.com. Call or come in to place your order and receive a custom fit to begin your pain free life!