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Clay Sniteman

Clay Sniteman

Clay Sniteman


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Clay Sniteman

Clay Sniteman


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Clay Sniteman

Sherri Duft


Sherri Duft

Amelia Llanos

Sherri Duft


Amelia Llanos

Amelia Llanos


Amelia Llanos

Amelia Llanos

Amelia Llanos



Mike Bryan - #1 Doubles Tennis Player in the World

"Clay Sniteman has made a profound difference in my career. I’ve never met a more intelligent, caring, experienced, positive, and harder working physio in my life. After years of chronic hip and knee pain that doctors recommended surgery for, Clay remarkably treated both problems non-surgically. He also designed an individual rehab plan that I still do everyday. I can safely say he is the reason why I’m still playing top level tennis today and I credit him for helping me win numerous Grand Slam titles. I been around training rooms for the past 15 years, and Clay Sniteman’s talent and expertise for pin pointing the root cause for injury and his advanced methods for treatment are by far the best I’ve ever seen."


Marlon Carter - Former Weber State Men's Basketball Player

" I will forever be indebted to Clay Sniteman for his role in my recovery after elbow surgery. Clay's patience and positive attitude helped me immensely during the often difficult and frustrating post-surgery process. Clay never wavered in his quest of getting me to 100%, even though many in the medical field thought I would never regain full mobility of the joint. I was able to reach my goals because of Clay's wealth of knowledge and skills. He is a true professional and a man of integrity. Clay went above and beyond expectations and treated my recovery as if it were his own. Clay not only helped me regain full mobility of my joint, he also helped me realize my life-long dream of playing basketball professionally. "


High School Musical Cast - Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Corbin Bleu, etc.

"Thanks for all the great care we appreciate everything!"


Tina Lawrence

" I can't say enough amazing things about Clay and his team. They have gone more than the extra mile to try and help put me back together after nobody could.... not even after two back surgeries and being fused 3 levels. They never let me give up hope that we would find a way to get me back to the level of activity that I had been used to and was sorely missing! love Love LOVE them!"


Mary Anne Macfarlane

"When I came into Sundance physical therapy I had tendinitis in my knee and it was so bad that I couldn’t even straighten my leg. I had tried to rest and get it better on my own, but it never got any better. I thought I would have tendinitis for the rest of my tennis career; but after two weeks of therapy I was able to straighten my leg. I could also see an improvement in my tennis. I felt like Sundance physical therapy not only heeled my knee, but made me stronger and made me a better athlete. Clay and the rest of the staff also educated me to help me stay injury free when I go away to the University of Alabama to play tennis. Thanks so much Sundance!!"


Stephen C. Hall - Colonel, USAF (Retired)

  “ Thanks to Sundance I now can: 

Walk upright and tall with good posture and a quick pace; no more hunched posture or rolling gait. Walk down the steps at a movie, one full step at a time; not half steps. Descend to the floor unassisted. Rise from the floor unassisted. Rise from the snow when I fall skiing without removing my skis. Jog upright and at a better pace. Carry my golf bag and walk nine holes at the Mount Ogden Golf Course. Put on my trousers, one leg at a time, without leaning against the wall for balance. It’s the little things such as these that have improved my life, and which make me feel younger. By the way…the little things…aren’t.”